Trouble in Mouseland: Trouble in Mouseland

The original Little House books were a series of eight autobiographical children's novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and published by Harper & Brothers.

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The aspect of this story that I loved most was the mysticism of the Ojibwe tribe, which William Kent Krueger describes beautifully.


His writing illustrates the sacredness and respect the tribe holds for the land and also the deep connection the tribe feels to the earth. In this way, Mr.

Krueger's writing reminds me of Louise Erdrich and Tony Hillerman, who also write of the Native American experience in similar ways. This latest installment in the Cork O'Connor series is filled with intrigue and is an excellent page-turning experience. View all 3 comments.

Spotlight on Desolation Center

A lot of controversy in the Goodreads reviews. Senator is coming to town to speak against a planned mining operation and perhaps her broader agenda against arming violent regimes in unstable places around the world , but her plane crashes mysteriously before landing in Tamarack County. The locals are cleared off the crash site and agents from all sorts of different federal agencies appear.

When nobody bothers to speak to the pair who called in the cra A lot of controversy in the Goodreads reviews.

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Then, a number of people from the Rez start disappearing, and an old friend ex-Secret Service agent, Bo Thorson appears and starts to help. Initially, the crash is blamed on pilot error, but none of the agents leave, and there are some other interlopers there, with a different agenda entirely. Stephen plays an important role here, especially his likely role as a successor to the aging Mide, Henry Meloux. Then, Cork's family is threatened and worse. This series is centered on Cork, his love of family, especially Uncle Henry and grandson Waboo, and his Native American heritage and friends.

While Krueger's books are ostensibly about unsolved murders, there is plenty to give you faith in families, love, nature, values, honesty, spirits, friendship. Krueger's great love for the wilderness shines here and elsewhere. Aug 15, LJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: He watches the boy on the steep rise above him. A private plane crashes on Desolation Mountain. Among those on board was Senator McCarthy and most of her family. Getting to the crash site and investigating the wreckage isn't as routine as normal as barriers are erected, first responders disappear, and it appears to Cork O'Conner and his son Stephen that something darker is at work.

Cork meets up with private security consultant Bo Thorson, but even his motives become questionable First Sentence: Cork meets up with private security consultant Bo Thorson, but even his motives become questionable as they find the danger at hand is far greater than imagined. Henry's philosophies are ones from which we could all learn. This is in spite of the ominous nature of the vision Stephen had, the latest of visions he has had all his life.

One can only imagine how terrible it would be to experience visions which foretell only terrible things and which come to pass. Krueger's character descriptions can be unusual, yet very visual—"Monkey Love looked like the Devil had walked all over him, the result of years of addiction to booze and drugs. Instead, he provides a well-done introduction to Bo, and to Bo's pragmatism which is both admirable and sad.

It is hard to explain the wisdom conveyed by Krueger through his characters except to say it rings more true than anything one is normally taught. It truly makes one think about everything by which we are surrounded. Even so, the question is raised as to who can be trusted. Krueger is very good at creating a sense of danger, especially at points of calm. When action does occur, it is very effective. Such good suspense is created by taking one up to a point of resolution and then introducing a complete plot twist. As is known from recent events, there are none more destructive than those who believe they know better than others.

In the end, is a statement those who follow the series will acknowledge as being true, although sadder fact has rarely been written. Yet, in spite of it, there is a contrasting truth to which we must all hold strong. It is suspenseful and exciting, yet it also exposes things which are painful while creating hope. View all 8 comments. Just a few paragraphs into this book and I could feel myself relaxing and melding into its atmosphere.


This vision is recurring, and it is menacing. I gradually came to understand parts of Stephen's vision, and I also feared what it meant. My dread increased as the end of the book neared. A plane carrying a U. Senator has crashed near Desolation Mountain, a place that the O Just a few paragraphs into this book and I could feel myself relaxing and melding into its atmosphere.

Book: Desolation Road

Senator has crashed near Desolation Mountain, a place that the Ojibwe view as cursed. Confusion reigns when numerous agencies arrive on the scene to investigate, and they push local law enforcement and residents aside. This book was well-written with characters who have grown over the course of this wonderful series. I especially liked Stephen, who at 20 is finding his path in life. I believe he is headed for major roles in future books. View all 6 comments. I barely finished this one. But I plodded along and fought the urge to quit it.

Now, I'm sorry I did finish. Because the explanations were as poor as the confusions were humongous. The joylessness of this group has become overwhelming as a "mide" characteristic, IMHO. But that's not the entire problem. It's not only the woo-woo element that has gone ballistic.

His last one was over preachy. This one is just a combination of conspiracy theories fare, governmental agency impossibilities, coupled wi I barely finished this one. This one is just a combination of conspiracy theories fare, governmental agency impossibilities, coupled with just plain ridiculous "boogie" men that are stereotyped and not real in any form of character development. And having 7 or 8 characters of the main series core principles missing or injured and with multiple dead dogs not counting the one that is shot and yet gets carted instantly away and survives in the mix?

Well, I can say this. Stephen is coming into his own at least.

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Cork, to me, has become a dour and joyless old man. Henry has more vigor, IMHO.

What a "honeymoon" period attitude?? Rainey is no ball of fire or warmth either. The other daughter is completely occluded? And Jenny is made a rather dependent object to protect? Amidst a ridiculous plot which holds continual multiple "chases" with stops for stitches or a new pair of crutches now and again. And the woman Sheriff? Like a mere bystander? Oh I loved Ordinary Grace. How far can a series fall?

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This one puts a frown on the same face. Now it's film reminds me of the Batman or character actors "bad guys" cartoon characters in cut out stereotype paste on's. Did he write this in hopes of getting an action film? No more of these Cork O'Connor for me. As "natural" too in the language and conversations within this book as mountains are in Minnesota. Even the 5 year old grandson sounds scripted. Multiple government agencies rush to the scene. A number of locals from the area assist in the search as well including a number of native Americans from the nearby reservation including our hero Cork.

Are they being taken against their will? Is there an evil plot bubbling up? Be my guest. Anybody else out there have similar problems putting up with the dummies in their life? Tell us all about it…. Because, to me, any theocracy, regardless of its creed or region of origin, will claim to be ruling on behalf of, or in accord with, its sacred deity. Which means all of its laws and edicts come stamped with the seal of approval of their chosen god—how can you possibly debate or amend a piece of legislation boasting the smoking signature of the Almighty?

Know any great comedians working during the Third Reich? Once a theocracy is installed, suddenly capital punishment comes back into vogue, have you noticed that? The more gruesome the method of dispatching wrongdoers, the better. Gouts of blood and torn bodies make a strong impression on the plebs. Why stop there?