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Where to Watch. Available to Stream Watch on. Add to Watchlist Added. Back To: Episode Guide. Season 9, Episode 19 Don't Scream. First Aired: October 25, A young mom calls , claiming she cut her own throat in front of her estranged husband and her child. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Popular Shows 1. Rick and Morty 2. Legacies 3. Phil 4. The Blacklist 5.

Dateline NBC 6. Grey's Anatomy. Popular Movies 1. Midway 2. Sexy Beast 3. Elf 4. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 5. The Polar Express 6. She has her eyes set on a prey. I wondered what was running through her mind. I felt like sharing my thoughts with Rita, but I wasnt the type that found comfort in sharing my feelings with people, least Rita the horder of seceretes and truths.

Whatever i was thinking, Rita , being a very intelligent being must have thought of it. What she meant by "our plan".

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She spoke in so much parables that I was done reading into any. One of you has to carry me. Anyways, I cant carry her. They were those kinds constructed by the government. Slightly larger than the gate house in my home , but decent enough. A long array of similar bungalows. Across was a number of four storey buildings in similar pattern and block of flats arranged in a nice order. The roads were proper constructed and had underground drainage systems that kept the street free from flood.

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The bungalows had short fences, well nurtured nursery beds with flowers blooming in the rain; and compounds large enough to take only two cars , and of cause would require expert driving. We were standing right in front of one of such.

A neat little house. I gathered only a small family would inhabit the place. I observed a ladies blouse hanging on a laundry line as Lola would pick a stone and pound ferociously at the little gate.

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I doubted anyone was in, judging from the cloth hanging on the line. No one would leave his or her cloths out in the rain, which in this case was a 'her', and women are known to be much more meticulous with their laundry. Alas, I would see an old lady walk slowly to the gate from over the fence with an umbrella shading her from the rain. With my height and close proximity the gate had to the main building, she could see my face and squinted her eyes trying to recall my persona. It seemed like we had woken the old lady from a good nap.

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I couldn't blame her. Who would open her home to an over six foot tall shirtless young man in the furry rains. She must must thought we were seeking the other residents that lived with her, maybe She finally smiled for the first time since she was brought back to life. The grim and happy Lola were very lovely people to look at. The old lady was silent for a while , and then slowly opened the gate.

I stared at Rita and back at the lady on the floors. I just hoped the lady was not dead. Seemed A hex was placed on my head. Rita returned the gaze with a lack in any expression whatsoever. Typical to stick to the smile or that, the only epressions I knew her face to make.

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Jesusgirl92 : Na was for you o darkid Wetin happen Anyways, nice read Please keep it coming. I lifted the old lady off the ground , into the house.

I stared at Lola and felt a deep sense of pity for her. In her eyes I could see her world falling apart.


Unlike myself who had Rita to protect me, even though lately she had been failing at that. Even not knowing anything about this Lola girl, one thing was very certain; she is a survivor , I thought to myself. Rita didn't move an inch from where she stood. I ignored her and carried the old lady into a little sitting room. I placed her on the couch and noticed blood stains on her head. I turned her head in various directions trying to find the location, as Lola disappeared into a room in the house.

In a nick of time she rushed out with a first aid box and disappeared again into another room. I turned to the door way and Rita was just staring at the old lady in aw. Just standing there, sometimes I don't get you. Lola, returned with a little bucket of water and emptied its content on the lady. She hurriedly tore a fresh syringe out and drew a green fluid from a little bottle. She seemed so confident and sure of what she was doing. I mean look closely. She grabbed me by the shoulder with a stern look.