Trouble in Mouseland: Trouble in Mouseland

The original Little House books were a series of eight autobiographical children's novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and published by Harper & Brothers.

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These examples may contain rude words based on your search. These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Il abuse de toi. He's abusing you. He abuses you every night. He's taken advantage of you somehow. Suggest an example. Vanessa, ne t'offusque pas de ma prochaine question Vanessa, please don't be offended by my next question I was just concerned you may have been taking advantage of him.

I killed him, in part, because he misused you. If he misused you , he shall pay a different kind of price. As For this man, he is currently abusing you making you dream of the money which does not exist; he is secretly seeking employment or what to do or an opportunity to escape.

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Has he taken advantage of you? He turned on his brothers, and he bailed on you. Tu disais Nice article. They fixed a warm and welcoming dinner for her, on her first night in town, with all the kids and grandparents and a table groaning with local delights. He kept asking her if she would like to try the sausages… pate… etc.

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She felt guilty refusing his hospitality, and tried to do so by praising other things on the table. In particular, the betterave. So she used the English one and hoped it translated. Probably not, but it makes a nice conversation starter :. I joined HelloTalk and put that….. I know this article and comments are quite old, but I reeally want to share!

Okay, this first one is not mine, an American born French teacher told us this story, and I still find it great. Mine was not nearly so exciting but in some ways a bit worse. Likely the equivalent of a student learning English sounding like a character from Little Women or Downton Abbey. Albeit, definitely a much less fluent version of such. Anyway, my very old dictionary finally did me wrong, I wound up using baiser very much incorrectly.

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So, I knew it was bad, and I was quite embarrassed and thenceforth unable to trust my very old French-English dictionary. The problem of dictionaries is that the definition they give tend to be the formal one, and there can be a huge difference between what a word is supposed to mean and how people understand it.

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I just realized what it meant. Glad you liked the article :. That and getting rid of my French accent in English. Merci pour le commentaire. My French teacher once told us that when he took his very first French class, he had learned a few phrases from a friend, so he wanted to show off to his teacher.

Not exactly. Merci beaucoup pour le article. I think what a lot of people are forgetting is that there is a mixture here. French in Canada Is very different from French anywhere else in the world and regionalisms also makes a difference.

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For example, etre plein in some regions of France means you are pregnant where as in French Canada outside Quebec it just means you are full of food. And etre chaud in Canada can also mean to be high. Bonne chance a tous. But even inside France, some words have totally different meanings depending on the region.

Quite a big difference :D. Yet very few French learners are aware of it. It was essentially a whorehouse on wheels. Years later, I was reading an account of the war by a retired French general. We learn something every day. I was talking to two French workmen about how I protected some window trim from moisture by saying I used a wood preservative. When they both smiled I realized I had said I had applied a wooden condom. A French friend emailed me about how strange the English language was.

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I asked him to explain the gender of la bite and le vagin. He said he had never thought about it. You need to think that the words have a gender, not their meaning. Otherwise nothing makes sense. What should I do to improve my speaking and listening skills? Some are weird, like je suis cochonne, because you pretend to use a noun as an adjective. Manifestement, nous ne parlons pas la meme langue. Of course!!! Have even made non-French speaking people giggle at this! Haha I translated it from … When you see me I want you to kiss me like you will never kiss me again….

You know baiser is fuck when she told me I was like oh shit! But it was perfect as we are now together! Thanks for this article, very useful and entertaining too. Back when I was in a French class and everyone, including myself, knew zero French, we once had to write a short story based on an image of two old people. Not sure whether the teacher was embarrassed or sympathetic because my friend was completely clueless about her mistake! Could have been extremely awkward, but fortunately he had a good sense of humour!

En anglais: I am excited.

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En francais: I am sexually excited. Which basically means you want to have sex with that person. Merci beaucoup pour votre aide! It may have a sexual missinterpretation. Then there was this other time when I was in my French class at school and I had to translate a very weird paragraph about two people in their seventies having an affair. I once said je suis exite with an accent! It does not in fact mean exited but horny… woops. Its too franco manitobaine apparently.

So glad I found this article again!

Announcing to everyone that you are up the duff is a great way to end a meal.. God knows what he interpreted that as. The latter meaning something completely different in slang :D. Thanks, this was a fun read. Arf, this can easily happen. I was living in Bretagne for a month on a foreign exhange. You are right. What if you meant rooster male chicken as opposed to hen or poule — in a conversation about farming or animal husbandry? Chickens that are kept for laying are usually les poules, young chickens that you are going to eat are les poulets because they have nice tender meat when they are young.

Not all French people are going to know the differences between un poulet and une poule, just as not all English people know the difference between a hen and a pullet. I have just stumbled upon your website and loved every bit of it. Hope this post will keep me from awkward situations! We have an old house in France with wooden beams… oh look at the lovely old prostitutes on the ceiling we gaily remarked!

Definitely :. Another I learned living in France: Never be possessive about pleasure! Pleasure is something outside of oneself, e. Do you talk about someone or about an experience?