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Many home renovation updates can be used as tax deductions. Be sure to speak to your accountant about which updates to your home may be a tax benefit as well. The demolition phase is when the renovation really begins to take shape. Careful planning before you start swinging is a must! Be sure to talk to your contractor if applicable before beginning to be sure of what, if anything, should remain intact. Pay careful attention to protect floors, walls, light fixtures or any other parts of your renovation area that are not being replaced.

Take this opportunity to clean and purge the space.

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Madison Wetherill. Here are a few types of contractors you may need to research: Tile installer Cabinet company Countertop fabricator learn which countertops are best for you! Electrician Plumber Painter Drywall installation or wall texturing Pro tip: Ask for recommendations from people in your area for contractors they have used for home renovations in the past.

Interview Contractors and Get Quotes Once you have a potential list of contractors, interview them and obtain rough quotes for the jobs.


We optimize the schedule to allow us to be in and out as quickly as possible, balancing our pace with the time and care required to deliver top quality construction. You can count on us to deliver a positive remodeling experience and a beautiful project. A strong team and a repeatable process allow us to reliably complete projects on time or early!

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Our process is efficient. We can handle all the details, communicate clearly and keep your life on track while remodeling occurs. On time. You work hard and deserve a home that matches your lifestyle. Make your home match the reality of your needs.

How to Design a Remodeling Project Plan

Frustrated by your house? We can fix that Listen to what our clients have to say! In the case of tools, making a list can help you decide which tools you can rent to save on costs versus purchasing new. Be sure to note square footage, heights and widths of doors and windows, and current locations for any services like electrical, gas or water. Many homeowners consider obtaining a building permit as an unnecessary headache which can slow down the renovation process, but permits are a necessary part of the process in most cases, which can come back to haunt you if not obtained in the first place.

Building permits are necessary to ensure your house remodel meets structural and fire safety requirements and code inspectors in most jurisdictions can make you rip out non-conforming work if not up to snuff. This can create a very expensive headache when looking to sell your home down the road. Check out our DIY home improvement rules for more tips. Make sure you have everything you need in one place, such as a kettle or microwave, so you have one functional space to gather, eat or just unwind at the end of the day.

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For more relaxation ideas, check out our 8 Projects for Backyard Fun. After a long day of renovating, it can be tempting to just turn the light off and leave the mess for tomorrow. Unfortunately, this can cause delays, lost tools and lost sanity along the way. Be sure to write in an ample amount of time in your renovation plan to tidy up at the end of the day.

Your future self will thank you! Even in a cosmetic remodel, there can be an opportunity to enhance the function or money-saving capability of your home. When ripping out an entire room, for instance, this may be the perfect time to add insulation to the walls , upgrade your electrical panel or add additional light or electrical fixtures.

The key is to think ahead to how you will use the room, and take advantage of cosmetic updates to enhance the structure of your home. Give them ample time to arrange their schedule to help and provide plenty of reminders as the project approaches. An offer of free food also helps! If hiring a contractor, make sure you allow enough lead time to snag your desired timeline, otherwise you could be stuck waiting on them.

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