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He often throws off his back foot and can hold the ball too long. He is the youngest player on this list at 33, and some will argue he needs to play the rest of his career at or near the level he has demonstrated so far to earn a spot. That's a fine opinion, but not entirely a fair one. In some ways, we're always going to judge maybe not apples against oranges, but oranges against clementines, kumquats and tangerines when ranking great quarterbacks.

Different eras and different career lengths leave a great deal up to the eye test. And he's not done yet. In all, he rushed for 3, yards and 33 touchdowns over his year career—a significant amount.

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  7. We've been privileged to see some amazing Super Bowls over the last 20 years.

He led his team to five Super Bowls but lost three. In short, for all his greatness—and he is a truly great quarterback, especially in play style—there are factors that make No. His career touchdowns are still good enough for a top spot all time, but there are interceptions to go with them.

NFL Draft Wiki: 10 Facts You Didn't Know About

Combine that with his ability to diagnose defenses, and you quickly understand how he amassed such stellar stats. He also had almost no help in the way of a supporting cast on his Miami Dolphins teams, instead elevating the players around him and carrying his teams to greatness. Marino has everything you'd want from the first two categories, but his teams never won a Super Bowl, which hurts him in the great-quarterbacks conversation.

But just because Marino never hoisted a Lombardi Trophy doesn't mean he didn't win; in his 17 seasons with the Miami Dolphins, he reached the postseason 10 times. Marino is consistently ranked lower than he should be, given that championships are team, not individual, efforts. There's no denying Marino is special, though, as evidenced by the fact that when he retired, he held almost every passing record. And there's no question that those interceptions mar Favre's legacy— is a significant number. Favre wasn't a surgeon by any means, and there are perhaps dozens of signal-callers with better mechanics.

But when considering who the great QBs of the NFL have been, a huge amount of emphasis must be placed on what those players meant to their franchises.

Dallas Cowboys Trivia Quiz Book

Favre's touchdowns, including nine seasons with plus, are indicative of how much he helped his teams. He led the league in passing touchdowns in four seasons. Some will hold the fact that he only won one Super Bowl ring against him, but, if we must discuss wins relative to a quarterback, Favre knew how to do it; he holds the record for most regular-season wins, with Manning's ability to diagnose coverages, audible at the line of scrimmage and win the mental battle against opposing defensive coordinators is second to no one. Manning increased the burden of football IQ and film study irrevocably for all future passers.

He also consistently made his offensive line's job easier by evading pressures; his efficiency and diagnosis ability helped him keep his sack numbers ridiculously low in 17 seasons.

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  • But, unlike someone like Tom Brady , Manning wasn't the linchpin for his teams' postseason success, and his playoff failures will always factor heavily into his ranking among the all-time greats. The Chicago Bears turned the ball over five times in that game, which generated a ton of offense for the Indianapolis Colts. Still, looking at the regular season, almost nobody did it better than Manning. To display the accuracy he did, with a And, like Drew Brees 6'0" would decades later, Johnny U made a name for himself as an undersized passer 6'1" who nonetheless led one of the most deadly passing offenses the league has seen.

    He also made his teammates believe they could win —and they did, with two NFL championships and a victory in Super Bowl V. But he revolutionized the quarterback position for his sheer offensive production in a run-first era. Unitas' record for consecutive games with a touchdown pass stood for 52 years, until Brees broke it in , underscoring how crucial Unitas was to his teams' success.

    With Joe Cool under center, his teams were never out of it. But his No. When his teams needed him most, he delivered. He never lost a Super Bowl. Some will try to argue that fourth-quarter comebacks should be a deficit when evaluating quarterbacks, because they let their team fall behind in the first place, but that places too little emphasis on the role of the defense. What it comes down to is which passer you want on your team when you're in a pickle, and given his come-from-behind, gutty performances, it's hard not to say Montana.

    The intangibles: Tom Brady may not have the mobility or arm strength of some of his contemporaries, but his other intangibles —namely, accuracy, decision-making and football IQ —exist in rarefied air.

    The Ultimate Roger Staubach Fun Fact And Trivia Book

    His work ethic is tireless and has allowed him to overcome some of the aspects of his game that saw him fall to the sixth round in the NFL draft. He's also one of the most consistent passers in NFL history. Gridiron greatness In , he joined the Cowboys as a year-old rookie. He was a back-up quarterback until , when he took over as the starting quarterback in the eighth week of the season and led the team to the first of ten consecutive victories.

    During his NFL career, Mr. After 11 seasons on the field, he retired after the season with 1, completions in 2, passing attempts, 22, yards gained, and touchdowns. His lifetime passing rating of Naval Academy, and although the NFL discourages teams from officially retiring player numbers, the Dallas Cowboys has never reissued the number 12 since he hung up his jersey.

    In , he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. After football Concurrent with his football career, Mr. Staubach worked as a real estate broker during off-seasons at the Henry S. Miller Company—an independent brokerage and property management firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Following his retirement from the Cowboys, he cofounded The Staubach Company—a real estate and development firm. His leadership helped the company grow to 50 offices in North America and 1, employees by He holds numerous honors for his leadership in business, civic, philanthropic, and athletic activities, including the Congressional Medal of Honor Patriot Award and the Horatio Alger Award.

    Dallas Cowboys Questions and Answers

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