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A-1, 5—8. A-1, 3. A-1, 4—5.

  • The Book of Mormon as Literary Alchemy: Joseph’s Magnum Opus and the Philosopher’s Stone;
  • Benchmark Books;
  • Introduction.

A-1, 5. A-1, 7. According to a history written by his mother, Lucy Mack Smith , Joseph Smith was told in his vision the previous night to relate his experiences to his father. The following day, the angel asked him why he had not told his father. Lucy Mack Smith, History, —, bk. Kirtland, OH. Summer , 1 ; Lucy Mack Smith, History, —, bk. A-1, 7—8. Howe, Eber D. Painesville, OH: By the author, Knight, Joseph, Sr. Reminiscences, no date. MS See Lucy Mack Smith, History, —, bk. Recent scholarship has pointed out that terms such as magic imply a value judgment on the proper method of religious belief, while isolating a peripheral belief system.

See Coudert, Religion, Magic, and Science, xiii—xxix. Walker, Ronald W. Ashurst-McGee, Mark. Butler, Jon.

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Taylor, Alan. Coudert, Allison P. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger, Neighbors reminisced about several members of the Smith family digging for treasure and about young Joseph finding objects through use of a seer stone. By a Visitor to Salt Lake City. Purple, William D.

Table of Contents

Doctor Philastus Hurlbut , who was excommunicated from the church in , collected affidavits from individuals who claimed to know Joseph Smith and published them in While the affidavits help provide a fuller picture of the society in which Joseph Smith lived, they should be viewed with some caution. Hurlbut sought out critics of Joseph Smith and his religious claims, and he sometimes wrote the affidavits himself and then asked others to attest to them. Anderson, Richard Lloyd.

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Table of Contents

Oakland, CA. Joseph F. Smith, Papers, CHL. Smith, Joseph F. Papers, — Salt Lake Daily Tribune. A-1, 6. Summer , 5.

Printer’s Manuscript of the Book of Mormon

Gem, of Literature and Science. Rochester, NY. Gilley, Collins, Collins and Hannay, Bennett, Richard E. Howe, Painesville, OH, 17 Feb. Clark, John A. Gleanings by the Way. New York: Robert Carter, Jennings, Erin B. In one account, he said that he provided his written opinion that the characters were not authentic, while in another he wrote that he refused to give such a written judgment.

Harris also visited Luther Bradish and Samuel Mitchill, both of whom were acquainted with ancient cultures and history.


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Edited by Reid L. Neilson and Jed Woodworth. New York: Columbia University Press, Frederick, Julie A.

watch Spencer and Jenny Webb, 79— Salem, OR: Salt Press, This detail of the translation is not mentioned in accounts of the later portion of the translation. The Return. Edward Stevenson, 30 Nov. The earliest application of the biblical term Urim and Thummim to the instrument used for translation is in [William W. The Evening and the Morning Star. Minutes, 25—26 Oct. A-1, 9—10 ; Lucy Mack Smith, History, , A-1, The original composition of the earlier draft of the history, however, states that Joseph Smith gave up the plates.

A-1, [1] ; Lucy Mack Smith, History, —, bk.

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