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The original Little House books were a series of eight autobiographical children's novels written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and published by Harper & Brothers.

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Flying a single engine Cessna , the flight took 29 days. The tagline still remains one of the most famous advertising lines of all time. In , at the age of 32, Sally Ride became the first woman in space, on board the space shuttle Challenger. She also still holds the distinction of being the youngest astronaut to go into space.

The s brought more exciting innovations with the launch of Ultra Dry and Sheer Dry, which pushed the limits of strength and protection. Then in , we introduced Platinum Soft Solid, the strongest over-the-counter form of protection available at the time.

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It quickly jumped to the head of the pack as one of the best deodorants for women. In , Secret launched relationship-marketing efforts directed at teens and their mothers to encourage building self esteem in girls. Manon Rheaume, a goalie from Canada, became the first and only woman to play in an NHL game when she served as the starting goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a preseason exhibition game in In , Genuine, Ambition, and Optimism were introduced as the newest Secret scents in the US and Canada, providing women with new aromas to reflect their individual style.

Then, in , Secret continued pushing boundaries by introducing Secret Outlast and offering hour odour protection. Aww, don't give up before you've even started, Yosh!

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It may be hard, but when you get it right, it makes you feel so good! If I may, I've thought of lots of fun little stories in my head of how you would be the one gun-ho to get Yosh and Toroth to ditch the diaper and be proud, potty users. If I could just get bette at drawing squirrels, I may try doing a scene of such an event where your cleverness, and determination, begins what simply must be done. And don't worry about drawing squirrels, I don't mind how I look!

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Yup, yup! May even make a small series of it. I'm looking forward to it already! And it's high time you showed up in one of my pictures or stories again too This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More. Register Log in.

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However, it's even trickier when the one thing that stands between you and "Big Kid" success is a locked bathroom door. Opening: - Amidst play, Bosky announces he has to use the potty. Not wanting to leave their friend, and also see a successful potty trainer in action, the dino duck and blue dragon follow with eager anticipation to see their friend be a "Big Kid". However, upon reaching the bathroom door, it is found to be locked and it is the only one on the floor.

Uh, I got to go pee-pee right now! I know I heard the toilet flush. Just let me in! Former decorated federal law enforcement officer John Thomas Ambrose was convicted of leaking information about a federal witness in the Witness Protection Program, Chicago Outfit hitman Nicholas Calabrese , to other members of Chicago organized crime. As of , 18, witnesses and family members have been protected by the U. Marshals Service since They may be intentional criminals, or people who are doing business with criminals, such as one engineer who bought off a mayor "'because that's how you do business in the city.

A witness who agrees to testify for the prosecution is generally eligible to join the program, which is entirely voluntary. Witnesses are permitted to leave the program and return to their original identities at any time, although this is always discouraged by administrators.

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In both criminal and civil matters involving protected witnesses, the U. Marshals cooperate fully with local law enforcement and court authorities to bring witnesses to justice or to have them fulfill their legal responsibilities. Fewer than 17 percent of protected witnesses who have committed a crime will be caught committing another crime, compared to parolees, of whom almost 41 percent return to crime.

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